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Contact Saul Anaya  Saul Anaya After School Coordinator

Jamestown Community Center

After school programming at Cesar Chavez starts promptly at 2:55 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and at 1:45 p.m. on Thursdays.


For more information call:

Saul Anaya

Elementary Site Coordinator

Jamestown Community Center

Cesar Chavez Elementary


OR Contact:

Jamestown Community Center

3382 26th Street

San Francisco, CA  94110


Instituto Familiar de la Raza

Instituto Familiar de la Raza continues to be a partner, supporting us with a full time counselor to complement our Mental Health Collaborative, which consists of our School Social Worker, Jamestown counselor and IRF counselor.  Together, this team of mental health professionals anchors our efforts at developing strong socio-emotional supports for our children and families through...

  • consultations with staff about children and families
  • referrals to community mental agencies
  • early interventions with pre-K children and families
  • social groups K-5
  • parent groups pre-K - 5
  • implementation of Second Step empathy building curriculum in collaboration with staff
  • support and advice to school about mental health support and wrap around services
  • 1:1 crisis intervention (as needed)

Reading Partners

In August 2013, Reading Partners began a literacy tutoring program at our school.  We are excited to welcome this new partner to support our efforts at boosting reading levels for every child. More information to come!

Mission Boys & Girls Club

Mission Boys and Girls Club enrolls up to 60 Chávez children in their Mission Playhouse and Columbia Park centers. Mission Clubhouse participants are walked to the club after school daily. Columbia Park children are transported via van to the center.


Playworks provides rich activities for children before school, during recesses and after school sports such as kickball and basketball.  Children learn the value of structured play and practice our core values - Knowledge, Determination, Community and Responsibility - while having fun!

Johan Barrios Memorial Skaterboard Club

This after school skateboard club is run under the supervision of Rafa Nuñez, Elementary Advisor and parent volunteers.  The club is open Thursdays after school. 

The César Chávez Skateboard Club was formed by staff to enrich the lives of children. The club is named for Johan Barrios, a former student, who exemplified the core values of determination and perseverance.  In the spring of 2012, Johan succumbed to the life-threatening disease that he battled all of his young life.  His spirit lives on in this unique club and is lovingly nurtured by Rafa Nuñez, Elementary Advisor and a member of our staff for the last 17 years.  Listen to children, staff and parents discuss what this club means to them.

Board Rescue - Improving Lives Through Skateboarding from Board Rescue on Vimeo.