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Fourth Grade

Pathfinders for Fourth Grade

Just For Fun

Try these sites for homework help and more learning! / ¡Busca en estos sitios para ayuda con la tarea o mas aprendizaje!

PBS Kids -- Visit this site and have fun learning and looking for information.  PBS Television is Channel 9 locally.

4th and 5th Grade Student Research Resources -- Someone went out and made your life easier by helping you do research, specially geared topics for fourth and fifth grades.



Animals are always a favorite topic.

Animal Report Graphic Organizer Online! -- Organize your report online!

Animal Links -- Do any of your animals fall under these categories?



We live in one of the most important states in the world.  

Gold Rush -- Gold Fever -- Learn about the Gold rush and the contaigous ailment, Gold Fever.

Students of California History Homepage -- Visit this publisher's website for fourth grade California history students.

State of California Official Homepage -- The official state government website.



Fascinating natural wonder and natural disaster wrapped up in a cone shaped landform.

Volcano World -- Learn all about these erupting mountains through this collaboration between North Dakota and Ohio Space Grant Consortia.

Volcanoes Around the World -- Find your favorite volcano on this site.

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